What is RM Books?

RM Books is the first ebook solution specifically designed for schools.

Ebook usage has grown rapidly in the consumer market however this usage is not currently being mirrored in schools. In a survey commissioned in 2012 we asked schools why? The top three barriers were clear – cost, ease of use and device restrictions.

Cost – as ebook adoption in UK schools is in its infancy many schools were wary to invest in large up-front subscriptions to start using ebooks.

Ease of use – for the consumer market ebooks work perfectly as the reader is in control of the purchase; however this model is entirely unsuited to schools as it would mean individual students having to buy books making it very complicated to administer.

Device restrictions – schools were concerned using ebooks would mean they would need to invest heavily in new devices or get ‘locked-in’ to a particular eco-system in order to utilise ebook content.

With these barriers in mind the RM Books platform was created to help schools benefit from ebooks. RM Books is free to use and requires no upfront investment. It provides access to etextbooks and ebook novels and includes free use of hundreds of classic literature ebooks enabling teachers and students to try the technology before the school invests financially.

With its unique management system, teachers can rent, buy and manage the distribution of ebooks to individuals or groups of students, making it easy for students to access their texts. The ebooks can be viewed on, or downloaded to, virtually any device (iOS, Windows, Mac, Andriod).

“RM Books is really cool, I read for two hours a night” Year 7 Student, Coombe Dean School

RM Books has titles from the majority of UK curriculum publishers, with more joining all the time:

Encyclopaedia Britannica
Cambridge University Press
Hodder Education
Curious Fox
Philip Allan

And coming soon…
Oxford University Press
Ransom Publishing

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