Ebooks: Removing the barriers and releasing their potential

During BETT 2013 we were lucky to host a session in the Learn Live programme of events where one of our leading Educationalists, Emma Brown and Steve Connolly Digital Director from Hodder Education discussed the use of ebooks in schools.

The session was an opportunity for delegates to explore how they might start to implement ebook use in their school. Emma and Steve looked at the overall advantages that using ebooks brings to education and discussed the main barriers as to why schools have been tentative to start (high cost, the lack of a central management system and device restrictions).

Once the concept of ebooks had been explored Emma and Steve took a look at the different solutions available, focusing on RM Books – the first ebook solution designed specifically for schools. For this reason RM Books address the barriers preventing ebook usage providing schools with a free, centrally managed ebook solution that works on almost any device. RM Books also provides a flexible approach to school finances by providing a rental model; books can be rented for a week, month, term or year.

Research shows that 65% of Primary Schools and 49% of Secondary Schools think they will use ebooks in the next two years, highlighting that this is something that schools need to start thinking about now – not in the future. This was confirmed by the number of delegates in the room who had lots of questions about ebook adoption. Popular questions were:
Why should I use ebooks?
Which publishers/ books are in RM Books?
How much does it cost to use RM Books?

Answers to these and more can be found by visiting the RM Bookshelf . Find out more or sign up free today.

See the full presentation here:

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