Avoiding the summer slide with RM Books

RM Books enables you to do things you just can’t do with physical books. With the year coming to an end and students looking forward to the summer break, now is the perfect time to start a trial with ebooks.

Students suffer significantly from loss of academic skills over the summer holiday period especially those from low-income families, with some students not even picking up a book. RM Books can help to combat this summer learning dip by giving students access to read engaging books over the summer, anywhere and on any device.

“I think it has helped me by giving me access to a lot more books than I normally get. I can read it when I am on the internet and you can’t lose it”


With RM Books you can:

  • Provide engaging books for differing reading abilities
  • Allocate different levels of ebooks by student literacy level and ability
  • 7 and 30-day rentals make it affordable for schools to offer a wide range of ebooks across subjects, topics or themes for boosting lost knowledge.
  • Online access to the school library including hundreds of free classics for students to read independently

For information and to register for your free RM Books account, visit www.rmbookshelf.com

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