10 Reasons Why You Should Use RM Books

1)      Free ebook management system – making it risk-free to get started with no subscription fees or support charges

2)      Purchase or rent just the books you want with our flexible rental options – rent books for a week, month, term or year

3)      Access to books anywhere and anytime on any device with an internet connection – access on tablets, smartphones, games consoles and computers

4)      Easy to use platform where you can easily create students groups and allocate appropriate content

5)      Greater students engagement – research shows students are more engaged when reading from a device, especially boys

6)      One system for the classroom and library

7)      Access to 1,000 free classic titles

8)      No more out of date textbooks and books are always in pristine condition for each student

9)      Reading apps for Windows 8, iOS and Android devices – books can be downloaded directly from your account

10)   Wide range of books available, including etextbooks, literature, topic books, reference and fiction books, with more content being added all the time

To register for your free account and for more information visit: http://www.rmbookshelf.com

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