Inclusive and engaging literacy development with SignSpell ebooks

SignSpell was developed with inclusive and engaging literacy development in mind. The development team identified the need for a teacher friendly solution that compliment phonics and yet actively promotes inclusive learning in mainstream Key Stage 1 & 2 learning.

Extensive research has demonstrated the value of learning using kinesthetic techniques and also signing as a method for encouraging self-expression, reinforcing learning with phonics, and improving overall class results through inclusion.

The SignSpell set extends to 12 themed, beautifully illustrated books which use elements of British Sign Language to directly target increased performance in literacy and enhance spelling.  The themed content of the books enable teachers to use in cross curricular activities and as standalone exercises.

The themes include the Weather, Emotions, School, Transport, Seaside, Colours, Numbers, Greetings, Animals, Party, Sports and Countryside. Within each story, pupils will learn a minimum of 10 signs and learn to fingerspell those words too. To view the full range of SignSpell books available, click here.

The developers are an organisation called Signature, a reputable not for profit agency who focus on excellence in communication.

For more information about RM Books visit

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