Dandelion Launchers by Phonic Books, ebooks only available on RM Books

We are pleased to announce Dandelion Launchers have just been added to RM Books. The books are for beginner readers aged 3-8 (Foundation and KS1).

The first unit of books has words using the sounds s, a, t, i and m. Books in the following units use these sounds and gradually introduce new ones. By the end of Unit 7, all the initial sounds of the alphabet will have been introduced and units 8 to 10 encourage the reader to read words with four or five sounds. Perfect for your younger pupils!

Watch out for many more books from Phonic Books coming very soon. The three founders of Phonic Books Ltd have a passion for teaching children to read. They are all experienced Special Needs teachers who worked together at the Bloomfield Learning Centre, a charity located on the campus of Guys Hospital, London.

When in 2006 the UK government adopted Synthetic Phonics as the preferred route to reading, the three partners knew there was a lack of structured reading books and teaching resources. They decided to write, illustrate and publish their own and created the Dandelion Readers series, initially distributing “Dandelions” from a small flat in Southwark. Since then, there has been a growing demand from local authorities, schools, teachers and parents. More and more “Dandelions” are being used in mainstream classrooms as well as a special needs resource for children who need extra support.

Following demand from their customers, the range has extended from the initial 10 titles to 160 today and will reach 190 before the end of the year. The range of books caters for pupils in Foundation Stage to reluctant readers in Years 7 and 8 in secondary school.

Wendy, Tami and Clair still teach on a part-time basis and thank their own children, grandchildren and many others, especially pupils at the Bloomfield, for enthusiastically trialling the books. They also run workshops at the Bloomfield Learning Centre on Synthetic Phonics.

For more information and to view the full range of Dandelion Launchers books click here.

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