The Adventures of Aku & Kamu – encouraging children to: Do – Think – Feel

Aku is a Polar Bear from the Arctic Circle. Aku can’t read. Kamu is a Koala from Australia. Kamu can’t count. Through their misadventures, they both end up miles away from their respective homes and their families. They are both lost in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Aku & Kamu appear in a series of fun storybooks, which incorporate key aspects of the Every Child Matters framework.

The Aku & Kamu products encourage active participation between Teachers, Parents and Children.

Central to the underlying vision behind Aku & Kamu is that learning should be fun, whether children are doing, thinking or feeling.

Each storybook features the Do – Think – Feel model, which is included as part of the parental section.

Do – encourages children to unleash their creativity

Think – encourages children to think creatively

Feel – encourages children to develop and be in touch with their feelings

The books tackle some challenging issues such as Emotions and Health Education whilst encouraging creativity.

The Aku & Kamu animated series is also currently in development. View the trailer here.

For more information and to view the full range of Aku & Kamu books available on RM Books click here.

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