Demonstrate pupil premium success to Ofsted with RM Books’ new reporting feature

RM Books’ new reporting feature can be used by schools, in conjunction with their own reading assessment information, to clearly illustrate to OFSTED how they are using Pupil Premium to increase standards in literacy. Teachers can now carefully monitor their pupils as the data provided illustrates the total time spent reading, average time spent reading, total pages read and average pages read.

OFSTED have declared that they are positive about how well schools are spending their Pupil Premium, but said “a significant minority are still struggling to show how the money is making any meaningful impact in terms of narrowing the gap between pupils from low income and more affluent families”. Using the reporting feature in RM Books can provide the necessary data that demonstrates progression in reading, alongside strategies such as the popular Accelerated Reader™, reading level quizzes, and so on. Reports can clearly illustrate the developments in groups of students where intervention strategies have been employed. The reporting feature can also be used as an effective tool for tracking pupils during transition from primary to secondary school to ensure that they are supported, encouraged and motivated.

OFSTED would like to see schools evaluating the effectiveness of measures they have put in place in terms of improving outcomes. They praise schools which use tracking data intelligently to analyse their pupils’ underachievement. Combined with a schools own reading assessment information, RM Books’ reporting feature will provide the necessary evidence to monitor pupil’s attainment levels and motivate them to progress further. By analysing the data from RM Books’ reporting feature you are clearly indicating how you are taking responsibility for meeting each pupil’s needs. By closely tracking their progress in literacy, you can adapt quickly if interventions and approaches are not working effectively enough. Success is measured when a teacher knows their pupils well. The reporting feature in RM Books can be an integral part of a schools strategy for demonstrating how Pupil Premium can be successfully spent.

To view the new reporting feature simply login to your RM Books account here, or to register for your free RM Books account visit

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