Help struggling Key Stage 3 readers reach Level 4 with real books at the right level!

The Collins ‘Read On’ series helps to support struggling readers at Key Stage 3, by offering a range of original fiction and non-fiction titles from popular authors across a wide variety of topics and genres! Unlike other ‘reading-scheme’ approaches, Read On is designed to engage students with real books and help ease their transition into mainstream reading. This great series is available on RM Books; view the full range of books available here.

The series has been are created to engage demotivated readers and to steadily increase students’ reading stamina, accuracy and fluency. The series includes a selection of fiction and non-fiction books, featuring gripping stories and fascinating facts, supplemented with appealing and age-appropriate illustrations.   Titles include:

Tunnel of terror

“Best friends Jim and Karl sneak out to the midnight launch of a new ride, the Tunnel of Terror. Expecting a rollercoaster, they are disappointed to discover it is just a boring-looking ghost train. But, as they fasten their seatbelts, little do they realise they’re in for the ride of their lives…” View book here.

Fast cars, Fast Drivers

“Dive into the gritty world of motorsport and get the lowdown on the cars, the races, the drivers and the records. This book showcases the best fast cars from 1901 to today and includes an interview with Ben Collins (a.k.a. Top Gear’s The Stig) on what it’s like to drive The Batmobile and James Bond’s cars.” View book here.

The name is Kade

“A call from Earth brings Kade back from Saturn. His old enemy Zab Heckko is free and intent on destroying the human race. To make things harder, Heckko’s had a face transplant. Can Kade find him before it is too late?” View book here.


“You find an old helmet on the beach. It’s rusty and looks as if it’s been there for years. You slip it over your head to see how it feels. When you take it off again, you’re inside a dark tunnel. Someone hands you a sword. You’re a gladiator.  And the crowd outside is baying for your blood.” View book here.

To find out more and to view the full range of books available within the Read On series, click here.

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