RM Books making a difference at Manchester Academy

Manchester Academy is situated in Moss Side, 3 miles from Manchester city centre. There are over 72 different first languages amongst students; with 85% of students receiving free school meals and 85% are below chronological reading age.  Raising literacy standards is a priority.

The Academy targeted a cohort of 25 White British students from Key Stage 3, who are eligible for free school meals, in order to boost their performance through raising levels in literacy and making them more confident readers. These students traditionally make less progress than other students in school and in part this is due to a reading age that is well below chronological age. 75% of these students had never borrowed a book from the library.

To accelerate attainment with this group of students and challenge negative preconceptions to reading, the Academy collaborated with RM Books to provide access to thousands of ebooks, which they accessed online in school in twice weekly and at home. The sessions provided the opportunity for students to read; with a teacher or librarian, to each other and individually.

Over 5 months the results have been astounding.

● On average, students made 9 months 23 days‘ progress; with every single student making progress.

● 1 in 3 students made at least 1 year’s progress

● 2 of the 24 students made 2 years‘ progress – both catching-up and then passing their chronological age

Download the full results

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