Can’t wait for the World Cup to start?

Why not read our new story about Brazil and the World Cup from Forty Winks while you wait…

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new title: “Sleepover at the World Cup in Brazil!” where we take you on a journey in English or Spanish to the World Cup in Brazil!


The Global Sleepover is a children’s story series about global adventures! In every story, our four main characters go on a world adventure. During these adventures they learn about global cultures, imagination, critical thinking and collaboration.

In Sleepover at the World Cup, Noah can practice football all night and day and then again all day and night! He is quite excited for an adventure at the World Cup with his friend Clive. After the World Cup championship, Clive and Noah meet Fernão. Fernão is from Brazil and stumps Noah and Clive with a clever riddle. Do you know what twists and turns to the tune of samba? What soars high in the sky and has touched the floors of the Amazon jungle and the shores of the vast Brazilian coast?

Forty Winks also publish “The Drat Series,” a delightful series about a cat named Stella who is confused if she’s a cat, a dog, a penguin…. or a combination! In “Drat, Am I a Dat?!” she wonders if she’s a dog? A cat + dog = dat. In “Drat, Am I a Canguin?!” she wonders if she’s a penguin? A cat + penguin = canguin! Rent “Drat, Am I a Dat?!” here >>

About Forty Winks:
The stories are perfect for ages 4-8
and for early readers or readers who need some help
On average, each story has about 26 pages and 900 words of text. Each page is illustrated in a children’s picture book style.
The lovable characters, humor, story and global themes are guaranteed to engage, entertain and educate.

For RM Books readers, Forty Winks have included a glossary and fun facts relevant to the story or about the country at the end of every story. The facts are designed so the reader can quickly connect the story to the fun fact.

Guides for Teachers, Librarians and Parents:
Teachers, parents and librarians can download for free from the story library page a Teachers and Parents Guide for every story. This guide contains tips about how to use the story in a library or classroom, an explanation about intended learning outcomes, fun facts about the story, a Country Profile, comprehension questions, glossary, activities and supplemental information.

See Forty Winks ebooks here >>
See more World Cup books here>>

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