National Literacy Trust announces partnership with RM Books to study impact of eBooks

Today the National Literacy Trust and RM Books embark on a joint study over 16 months and across 100 schools to explore eBooks’ impact on student’s reading motivation and reading attainment.

The study will further look into the impact of ebooks as an educational tool, following encouraging data from Manchester Academy showing a dramatic increase in students’ reading in five months use of RM Books ebooks with KS3 white FSM  students’.

“We will investigate the potential of ebooks to change the literacy lives of children and young people through the  educational tool – RM Books. Good literacy skills are essential for children’s education and future wellbeing. RM Books is  an ideal partner to help us unpick pupils’ use of ebooks and the dynamics at play as they are already established within  1000s of schools, and we look forward to working with them on this important study.” Dr Christina Clark, Head of Research, the National Literacy Trust.

“We’re delighted to be working with the National Literacy Trust on this exciting study. So many schools are passionate  about the difference RM Books is making for their students’ reading, so it’s the perfect time to understand this more thoroughly. The study’s conclusions should help other schools focus the ways they use RM Books for the largest impact on  their students’ reading.” Alan Hodgin, Head of RM Books

Final conclusions will be published in October 2015.

Primary or Secondary schools interested in participating in this large scale school study can register their interest on the research projects section of the National Literacy Trust’s website.

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