A Student’s Perspective

This week we are lucky to have three Year 10 work experience students join the RM Books team. New to using ebooks in school, the students took a first look at RM Books. Here’s what they thought:

In this blog entry we will be discussing our thoughts and opinions during our hands-on time with RM Books. We were fortunate enough to be put in the ebooks department at RM allowing us to experience the wonders and possibilities of the online service for schools across the UK. Below are our views on the virtual facility.

First of all we found that the range of books was extremely broad and allowed the user to search through interesting topics with the simple filter settings. We felt that this made the service standout as an essential tool for schools and educational establishments as it allows for quick and fast access to the different genres, age groups, skill groups and educational purposes. We feel that this would be useful for teachers as it would make finding relevant books and resources quick, allowing for more time to be allocated to other parts of the lesson planning process.

Furthermore, we found a number of books that had been aimed at less experienced readers which are hard to find in physical form. This means that the service is also extremely useful as a form of learning base for readers such as these and adds to its value as an educational-oriented ebook service.

We also found the ebooks to be easily accessible and easy to use. This was primarily down to good programming and presentation which allowed us to select, rent or buy the books we wanted from any device. The wide variety in books allowed us to rent books we would never normally read. For example one of us rented the excellent book The Eagle of the Ninth for a mere 80p. This was a fantastic book and that person would have never been able to review it if it hadn’t been for RM Books.

The Eagle of the Ninth

Ebook on RM Books

The price not only encourages reading but spurs students to take risks when they are selecting a book they might want to read. This can lead to unexpected surprises. On top of this students can request books from the whole online shop which the teacher can then decide whether to buy.

Finally, we were excited to hear that new eReader software is being implemented over the next few weeks, which will allow for even more books to be added providing an even broader range.

To check out this amazing service head over to their website by clicking here or by using the web address http://www.ebooksforschools.com
Year 10 Students

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