For truly engaging Hi/Lo readers, schools should look no further than the newest range of eBooks from Axis Education

Axis Education logo

Axis Education

Axis Education has a pedigree in publishing powerful publications with economy of language and sentence structure to ensure student appeal. All titles are carefully written for students with low reading ages, but have gritty plot lines that will appeal to older readers. By using culturally relevant settings and situations, the books are an engaging take on daily life for students and young adults.

Fletcher Road >>

Fletcher Road is a fictional school, but anyone who has spent any time at contemporary secondary schools will be very familiar with events there. The students are always texting each other, getting up to no good on Facebook, and doing things they shouldn’t round the back of the huts. Each of the books is between 2200 and 2500 words long, making them ideal for older reluctant readers. There is drama in every story. While each one stands alone, together they conjure an engaging image of school life that resonates with today’s students.

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