Reporting issue – reading records and transactions

Update on 19/12/2014:

All working again. Both the issues below have now been fixed. You’ll see reporting on usage and credit is now working. 

What are the current issues and what are we doing about them?

  • Reading records are not being updated on the Reports > Users screens, since 27th November. The reading data is being (and has been) collected, but it is currently not being displayed on this screen. It is estimated this will be fixed by 22/12/2014.
    • 19/12/2014: Confirmed as fixed. 
  • The financial transactions report on Reports > Purchases and Rentals is reporting multiple transactions per rental. Your school’s RM Books credit is not actually being decremented multiple times, it’s the on-screen reporting of these transactions that’s incorrect. This is currently being investigated. An ETA for the fixed report will be added to this blog when available. In the meantime, the Manage > Credit summary available to RM Books Administrators is correct.
    • 19/12/2014: Confirmed as fixed. 

Apologies for any inconvenience these issues have caused for you and your teachers.

How to get help:

Please do tell us about any issues you encounter so we can get them fixed:

  • You can report any issues you discover using RM Books via this online form.
  • Live-chat is available for teacher and admin users during office hours.
  • Any problems with how certain books render can be reported by clicking the “!” icon at the bottom left of the books viewer.
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