RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ work well together

RM and Renaissance Learning today announce an unprecedented join-up between RM Books and Accelerated Reader™.

These popular school software services are available as Apps through RM Unify, RM’s portal to the best web content for education. When used this way, students can find and read ebooks within RM Books, then click a “Take the Quiz” button to be transferred seamlessly to take the corresponding book quiz within Accelerated Reader™, with RM Unify handling all single-sign-on behind the scenes.

Read more on the new integration here >>

Reading for Pleasure

Both RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ are individually proven to accelerate students’ reading motivation and reading attainment, especially for more reluctant readers. Used together, students now have a much broader choice of age-appropriate, engaging books at the right reading level for them that each have a comprehension quiz.

Student choice over titles is key to students opening, sticking with and enjoying books.

Reading reports within RM Books tell teachers whether books their students choose have been read (pages, sessions, time spent), and quiz results within Accelerated Reader™ provide teachers valuable comprehension data.

Students enjoy reading more using technology

Recent findings from the National Literacy Trust’s study into the impact of ebooks on children’s reading found that students enjoy reading more using technology, with children from less advantaged backgrounds, boys and older children tending to show more positive attitudes to reading using technology. Many schools participating in this study are using both RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ systems.

Shireland Collegiate Academy and Manor Court Primary are two examples of schools using RM Books and Accelerated Reader™ together to improve their students’ reading.

Accelerate reading improvement

“We’ve enjoyed working closely with Renaissance Learning to make it easier for schools to use RM Books ebooks and Accelerated Reader™ together. Each system has been shown to improve students’ reading and so we’re keen to magnify that improvement by making it easier for schools to use them together.”  Alan Hodgin, Head of RM Books

“Renaissance Learning is delighted to be working with RM Books ebooks to provide access to its Accelerated Reader™ quizzes.  This will give schools additional options to build their AR™ libraries.”  Dirk Foch, MD of Renaissance Learning

See it in action at BETT

Schools interested in seeing the two systems working seamlessly together can visit Kerry on Renaissance Learning’s stand C379 in the main arena or come to Bron’s presentation within a dedicated space in Gallery Suite 9 at 1:30pm on Wednesday or 11am on Thursday, visit renlearn.co.uk/bett to RSVP.


About RM Books

RM Books is the leading ebook platform for UK schools. It aggregates thousands of popular children’s fiction, non-fiction, topic and textbook ebooks from over 160 publisher imprints into one easy-to-use platform that teachers use to allocate books to students for short term rental and to the school elibrary to support reading for pleasure, reading interventions, classroom topics and subjects. Students read on any internet connected devices, including their own SmartPhones, tablets and games systems outside school. Reading dashboards give teachers insight on their students’ reading habits.

About Accelerated Reader™

Accelerated Reader™ (AR™) is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. With AR™, teachers can create a reading programme to meet the needs of every student. Using information generated by the software, teachers can help students select books that are difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not too difficult to cause frustration. In addition, it helps teachers to monitor students’ vocabulary growth, literacy skills development and reading skills taught through other reading schemes.

About RM Unify

RM Unify brings together the best online applications and content relevant to schools’ needs, efficiently managed and seamlessly accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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