Kick start your reading for pleasure programme this half term

With half term looming, why not encourage your students to read for pleasure over the break from as little as 22p per student for the week. Students are more engaged if they are reading appropriate books, that interest them, at the right reading level and in an appealing format.

RM Books RequestsUse the RM Books Interest Age and Reading Age filters for student to search and find books that interest them. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever the genre students will find books to engage them. They can preview the first few pages of the book and then use the Book Request feature to ask for it. Requests can be granted and books allocated to students for the week using the short-term rental options.

Teachers can then use the RM Books Reporting tools when back in school to see how long the students have been reading for and if they completed the book over the holiday.

The National Literacy Trust are looking for primary and secondary schools to run simple projects such as this to take part in their exciting new research project examining the impact of ebooks on children and young people’s reading motivation and reading attainment.

Schools are invited to take part, simply sign up before April 2015.

National Literacy Trust

Early findings show:

  • Students prefer reading on technology.
  • Free School Meal (FSM) students and boys enjoy reading on technology more than paper.
  • Technology has the potential to close the gap in enjoyment of reading between FSM students and non-FSM students, and between boys and girls.

See the full results here

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to take part in this progressive research project, and you’ll also receive:

  • Free, regular contact and support from the NLT Research Manager during this study.
  • Two school-specific reports that outline your pupils’ enjoyment of reading, their reading habits and what they think about reading – invaluable insight into the views of your pupils and useful to help inform your literacy strategy, as supporting evidence for Ofsted and to review your current literacy provision.
  • Ideas on the many different ways you could use RM Books during your year to help your students improve their reading.
  • A discount of 25% on ebooks for your students for use in this study.
  • A copy of the study’s findings in October 2015, which you can use to understand how to get the most benefit from ebooks in your school.

Find out more about the NLT research project.

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