New RM Books apps available for iOS and Android

The new RM Books apps are now available for iOS and Android devices for users to be able to read their books when away from an internet connection.

iOS and Android App Stores

Download the iOS app here

Download the Android app here

In this version (1.0) of the app users can download ebooks they have in their My Books section; either books they have borrowed from the school library or have been allocated to them directly.

If these books have Book Notes, these will be downloaded too.

Users can read offline on up to three devices they own or have allocated just to them.

Users can:

  • create comments to make their own notes within books as they read
  • reply to teacher’s comments and questions
  • view Book Note overlays – text, images, audio, video, links and attachments – that a teacher has added to the books
  • complete quizzes set by the teacher within the book
  • look up words within the dictionary, when the device has an internet connection
  • search for words or phrases within a book
  • highlight sections of text
  • create colour coded bookmarks
  • set and adjust screen tint colour and opacity to make it easier to read
  • zoom in or adjust the size of the text
  • report a problem with the book, when the device has an internet connection
  • jump about the book by percentage through, page number or by using the slider
  • read single or double page spread, screen resolution permitting

Please refer to this article for more information about how to use the RM Books apps and the exciting new features coming soon in version 1.1.

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