RM Books release notes – release 2.8 & 2.9, due week commencing 13th April 2015

Planned Maintenance  No downtime is anticipated in making this release live.

What’s new?

  1. Library Restrictions
  2. Support Phone Number
  3. Book Packs
  4. Example Book Notes

1. Library Restrictions

Until now, books you add to your school library have been available for all staff and students to borrow. A commonly requested feature is the ability to reserve the books within a school’s elibrary just for teachers or for certain groups of students.

Restrict accessThis release delivers Library Restrictions. These are optional restrictions you can place on books within your school elibrary. Admin and teacher users are now able to restrict a book from the pull-down menu next to the title within the school library.

Click “Restrict Access”, then choose “Teachers only” or choose a Group from the menu, and “Save Changes”.

The book will now have a padlock icon against it to show a restriction has been set. It will now be hidden from students outside of the restricted groups. You can edit or remove the restrictions by clicking the padlock icon, or by using the pull-down menus.

You can use the new feature a number of ways, for example:

  • To hide young adult fiction from Year 7 & 8 students:
    • set-up a school-wide Group called Young Adult Readers
    • add your Year 9 onwards students to it
    • restrict those books to the Young Adult Reader group
  • To reserve teacher CPD books for teacher use only
    • restrict the CPD books to Teachers Only
  • To reserve a class set of, say, Geography textbooks for only students timetabled to study Geography
    •  set-up a school-wide Group for those students studying Geography
    • restrict your set of Geography library books to that Geography group

2. Support phone number 

If you are having any trouble getting going with or using RM Books, we want to know.

We’ve added our UK support phone number to the top right of all webpages that teacher and admins see, so it’s easier and quicker for you to get the help you need.

Please give us a call with your questions or issues and we will help you.

There’s also a detailed set of Help and FAQ pages on the site (bottom right of each page), but if in doubt please call us.

3. Book packs

A popular and time-saving way to buy physical books is in pack form. Sometimes publishers also offer discounts for buying a series of books this way. For ebooks, we can offer single publisher book packs, but we are also able to pull many different publishers’ books together into book packs for a specific purpose, such as by AR™ book level, to help you quickly choose the right books.

Book packs have been available outside of RM Books for a while now, but this release makes them part of the core platform.

For book packs, you’ll now see a new sash across the front of their book thumbnail saying “Book Pack”. When you click the pack, you’ll see all the books that are within it. You can allocate the whole pack to your school library in the same way as if it was a single title, just click “Allocate” > “School Library” > choose for how long and the loan period before the books within that pack will automatically return > “Allocate now” > “Confirm allocation”

On allocation, the pack’s wrapper is effectively removed and each of the individual books within the pack then appears in your school library as a separate title.

This makes it an instant process for you to rent sets of books to your school library, rather than you needing to wait for a few days while the pack is allocated for you. It also means that book packs are now rented from within the credit you’ve added to RM Books, as you’d expect, rather than having to be ordered as a separate part number.

Keep an eye out for exciting new book packs that we and our publishers add to RM Books over the coming weeks.

4. Example Books Notes

Many schools’ teachers are now adding value to their students’ ebooks by adding Book Notes overlays and quizzes to books.

See Shireland’s recent video as an example >>

However, there’s a small learning curve to creating your very first set of Book Notes, so it helps if you can customise a set rather than start from scratch.

You can already request a hand from your colleagues, by requesting Book Notes that they have created, from “Book Notes” > “Request another’s book notes”.

Now, you can also download your own copy of Book Notes that RM or our publishers have created, to help get you started. Just click “Book Notes” > “Example book notes” > “Copy”. This will take a copy of that set of Book Notes for you to then work up further and personalise before sharing with your students.

We hope you find the new functionality useful. Please continue to send in your feedback about what you’d like to see added or improved.

RM Books team.

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