RM Books wishes Ransom Publishing a very Happy Birthday

April 2015 sees Ransom Publishing celebrate its twentieth birthday. That marks twenty years of excellence supporting education and literacy.

Making them one of the UK’s revolutionary literacy specialists. As a company they are making sure that there twentieth year is an exciting one and broadening their focus.

2015 seems them  producing mainstream young adult fiction for the first time. The Outer Reaches is a brand new series by Malcolm Rose, catering to the inquisitive readers of the CSI generation. Each book is cleverly plotted and fast-moving, with plenty of true to life scientific and forensic detail, as well as elements of sci-fi. The first two titles, Body Harvest and Lethal Outbreak have been released and two more titles are to arrive later in 2015.

Brand New Reading Programme -Also coming soon to RM Books !

Ransom’s Reading Stars was released this month, their first ever mainstream structured reading programme. With ninety fantastically illustrated books, its fifteen levels transition from phonics into coloured Book Banded readers. Working in consultation with Shirley Bickler, the series is accurately banded for book-banded guided reading. Its fiction and non-fiction titles cover a wide range of text types and topics and all books feature Ransom’s engaging style.

Ransom Publishing range in RM Books

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