National Poetry Day – 8th October 2015

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Robert Frost

It is the 21st Birthday of the National Poetry Day on October 8th 2015 and it’s aim is to celebrate poetry and all things poetical. The theme this year is Light and all are invited to think of a poem and share it in imaginative ways, this digital challenge being entitled “Make Like a Poet”.

poetryPoetry features heavily in all areas of the curriculum, from Key Stage 1 to A Level English Literature. At Key Stage 1, students are expected to listen, discuss and express views on a wide range of poetry, as well as be able to write poetry themselves. At Key Stage 2, they are also expected to learn a wider range of poetry by heart. At Key Stage 3, students are expected to develop an appreciation and love for reading and they are to read critically – this includes studying a range of poems. GCSE and A Level English Literature specifications include the study and analysis of poems, and assessment involves poems both seen and unseen.

There are a wide range of poets on RM Books that will appeal to students of all ages, including Michael Rosen, Kit Wright, Benjamin Zephaniah, Grace Nichols, Carol Ann Duffy, Roger McGough, T.S. Eliot, Edward Lear and Robert Louis Stevenson. Studying poetry can help students to expand their written and oral vocabulary, as well as increasing their awareness of the ways in which language can be used. It can also help them to express themselves creatively, and classroom discussions on poetry can create connections between students.

We have created book lists to highlight the range of great poetry that we have on RM Books.

See the KS1 and KS2 Poetry book list here>>

See the KS3 Poetry book list here>>

Our book lists for each of the GCSE and A Level English Literature specifications can be seen here >>

Have a great National Poetry Day.

The RM Books Team

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